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CHALLENGER7 in replacement of the CHALLENGER4 AND 4+
The Challenger7 ECU is fully compatible with the old Challenger4 and 4+ which are no more manufactured, to avoid you to buy a second hand ECU with often the bad surprise to receive broken electronics or in bad condition.
The Challenger7 is mounted directly on the Challenger4(+) loom and you import the tunings  with a simple click.
Thanks to its high performance microprocessor, it allows to get astonishing accelerations in confront to your old ECU.

DPH04 Peak&Hold injectors driver
4-channel Peak&Hold command driver, for low impedance injectors, types Subaru, Mazda, BMW M3 E30, Ford Escort and Sierra Cosworth, Indy V8, ...

COMMANDER88 Electronic Control Unit
The Commander88 manages engines from 1 to 8-cylinder in sequential injection and static ignition, straight engines and 'V' engines as well, with a separated management for each bank of cylinders (intake, Lambda, turbos, fly by wire and camshafts for each bank).
It is available in standard kit or in direct injection kit.



The thousands of engines that we have powered with our ECUs give us an experience which guarantees that whatever your engine, we have a perfect solution for you.
Our ECUs are equipped with the more powerful microprocessors for breathtaking engine accelerations.
The software Winjall allows an easy tuning of all our ECUs in an integrated way.
The documentation provided is accurate and didactic and our very efficient technical support will help you in case of need, including by taking the hand on your computer by Internet.


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For more than 20 years, our engine management ECUs sold under the brand SYBELE, are recognized for their leading performance and their ease of use and programming.
Our team of engineers works constantly on the improvement of techniques of calculation and architecture of microprocessors.
The result is racing ECUs allowing astonishing engine accelerations.
As new example, on the emergent technology of diesel racing engines Skynam still shows its efficiency and its creativity by proposing an ultra powerful diesel engine management system, while the others well known brands of racing engine management ECUs have renounced in front of the difficulty of the common rail domain and in particular the piezo electric injectors.
SYBELE has often been copied, not equaled.


The quality forges our reputation. In fact, all our ECUs and harnesses are individually tested in our laboratory, on a complete engine simulator, and the kits we supply are thus free of defects.
As many of you equip their vehicles with our ECUs, the volume of production allow them to be the cheapest of their category.


For those who need help to install our systems and to make the first engine starting up, our team of technical support can take the hand on your computer by Internet connection to configure your ECU following the characteristics of your engine.