Here is the simple and secure method of update of your ECU with a new software version.

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Possibility of using Innovate wideband Lambda modules:
• but these must be programmed specifically to be adapted to Sybele ECUs.
• See new document 'Challenger8 Use of the Lambda sensor - V110'.

Possibility of manually modifying the mini-maxi calibration of motorized throttles:
• In case the throttle does not have minimum or maximum mechanical stops, the electric motor exceeds the normal min and max positions.
• When exceeding the normal maximum opening, the throttle gears are forced and the teeth of the plastic gear wear and destroy over time.
See new document 'Challenger8 Fly by wire - V110'

Smooth out jerks during foot lifts and rehitching:
• particularly useful with multi-throttle engines which give significant jolts in these conditions.
See new document 'Challenger8 Ignition Throttle-rpm - V110'

Memorization of performed engine protections (V110):
The ECU saves the performed protections in a permanent memory (it therefore remembers the protections it has performed even if the ignition is switched off).
This memorization allows to check what happened before when you were not connected to the ECU with the PC, for example why the engine was stopped or why the torque was reduced.

Improvement of fuel pressure protection (V110):
A map gives the waiting time in seconds before engine stop protection when the fuel pressure drops below the minimum limit.
This allows to not cutoff the engine on a simple oscillation of fuel pressure.



Challenger8 Tunewares:
• System V120 (new - 26th 10/2023)
• Throttle/RPM: V120 (new - 26th 10/2023)
• Pressure/RPM and turbo: V120 (new - 26th 10/2023)

Documentations in English:
• Challenger8 tuning software pack: 37 separate documents, each for one specific fonction of the ECU, with many didactic examples (new - 26th 10/2023)
Ethanol complete tuning and Hard cut rpm limiter documents (28th 07/2022)

• Challenger8 installation: V1.00 - with commands of ignition modules (28th 07/2022)
• Challenger8 options installation: V1.00 - sequential gearboxes, fly by wire, air solenoid valve and stepper motor, bang-bang ... (28th 07/2022)

• Does not contain Winjall software. Winjall must first be downloaded and installed apart.
• Does not contain the sensors convertion maps nor the actuators command maps. These maps have to be downloaded and installed apart with the pack SensAct.



Not needed.


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NEEDING Winjall V9.8.0.0 (see specific downloading)

V9.8.0.0 or later version of Winjall software must mandatory have been installed first.



• Download new .zip Challenger8 software pack file and save it in a directory on your hard disk.
• If you have already install a former version of this pack, you have to usinstall it before installing this new one:
In Windows XP, execute 'Start/Parameters/Configuration/Add-Remove programs'.
In Windows 7 and latter versions, execute 'Start/Parameters/Configuration/Programs and features'.
In the software list, select Challenger8 then 'Uninstall'. Follow uninstall instructions.
• With the explorer, double click on the downloaded software pack .zip file, then double click on Setup. At the question on files extraction, answer 'Extract All'.
• If the installation does not automatically start: in the new directory created by the extraction, double click on Setup (application).




(Improvements are added from a version to the next one)


Throttle/RPM : V110 (System V110)
ressure/RPM : V110 (System V110)

1) Memorization of performed engine protections.
2) Improvement of fuel pressure protection.


Throttle/RPM : V100 (System V100)

Pressure/RPM : V100 (System V100)

Version 100 is the base version of the new Challenger8 ECUs.


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