Meteor86 direct injection inductive (complete kit)

Meteor86 direct injection inductive (complete kit)

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The Meteor86 direct injection inductive kit is based on the Meteor86 ECU to which is adjoined a DDi08 inductive driver for driving the inductive injectors which need a high tension and current command.
• It allows managing 1 to 8-cylinder engines in direct injection. If it controls 8 injectors, it has only 4 remaining ignition channels and therefore the ignition must be in twin spark mode.
• It can manage engines in line and 'V' engines as well, with a separated management for each bank of cylinders (intake, Lambda, turbos, fly by wire and camshafts for each bank, variable valve lift).

Several tunings can get along for the same engine (multimapping). The desired tuning can be selected while running, by a rotator or a dashboard switch, allowing the adaptation to the driving conditions, a super boost of the engine if necessary.

Complete management of the flexfuel with reading of Ethanol content sensor
The kit being based on the Meteor86 ECU, the Ethanol management is the same (see standard kit description).

The kit being based on the Meteor86 ECU, the overall functionality is the same (see standard kit description).
When Meteor86 is used in direct injection, injection is sequential, phased on the beginning of injection. The phase of the injections is controlled by 1/10 degree.

The injectors command is configurable to adapt to the needs of the injectors to drive (see details on the driver DDi08 page).
This command is composed of three parts:
High tension pulse: This pulse allows the injectors to be opened very quickly and its duration should not be longer than what is strictly necessary to open them, otherwise the injectors and the driver will can damaged.
Peak part, is the part of strong current needed to reinforce the opening of the injectors after the high voltage pulse.
This part can be removed from the command if it is not desired. In that case the end of the high tension pulse drops directly to the hold part.

Hold part, is the low current part needed to keep the injectors open after the peak. It lasts as long as the injectors must remain open.

The fuel high pressure pump control can be done in two ways:
In PWM by the fuel flow supplying the pump, the frequency and direction control are adjustable.
In engine synchrone command with tuning of the number of came push per engine cycle and push phases (to follow the camshaft drift).

Whatever the type of command used, the RCO of the command is managed by a PID to follow the pressure target.

The base target is given by a map function of load and engine speed. It is then corrected to get a reactive adaptation to the conditions of engine operation:
• Dynamic correction of the fuel target pressure in acceleration (anticipation of the need for pressure)
• Programmable delay of fuel pressure drop while foot lift (avoidance of oscillations on cutoff-reacceleration)

The fuel pressure is given by the balance achieved between the filling of the ramp by the pump and its emptying by the flow of the injectors.
At the cutoff during deceleration, the injectors being stopped, it is not possible to reduce the fuel pressure (if needed) by the normal operation, and the resumption of injection (including idling) can be at a pressure much higher than desired.
A programmable function of ramps injectors emptying during deceleration cutoff has been included in the management of fuel pressure.


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• The Meteor86 ECU is provided with accessories to install it on the direct injection engine.

 The USB connection-to-PC kit can be included in the ECU kit. It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the Challenger6 ECU and tune the engine.



Meteor86 ECU
1 Inductive driver 8-cylinder DDi08
Engine loom*
Air temperature sensor
Water temperature sensor
3 ignition modules two ways (monostatic ignition 6-cylinder)
Connectors kit









Semi finished loom
This loom is pre-wired on the ECU and driver side connectors, with sensors and actuators connectors not installed.
Its length is to be adapted when intalling on the vehicle, then the sensors and actuators connectors will be wired.
• The connectors of the standard sensors* and standard actuators* that are delivered with the kit are provided.
• The various branches of the loom are labeled (grounds, power supplies, measurements, auxiliary commands, injectors, ...) but not sheathed. High quality canvas adhesive tapes are provided to finish the sheathing when installing.

Finished loom
As every application is different, there is no standard finished loom:
You have to contact the Skynam technical service to detail the complete making of your loom (see contact page).
• The loom is completely sheathed with braid sleeving.
• The lengths of the various branches are standard (2 meters) or customized (lengths provided to Skynam).
• The connectors of the standard sensors* and standard actuators* are installed.
• The connectors of the other sensors and actuators are to install or are to provide to Skynam.
• The fuses and relays bases are installed if required.

*Standard sensors :
These are the sensors that belong to the engine accessories list.
• water and air temperature sensors,
• atmospheric and intake pressure sensors,
• temperature and pressure sensors of oil and fuel

*Standard actuators:
These are the actuators that belong to the engine accessories list.
• gazoline injectors,
• ignitions coils


It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the Meteor86 ECUs and tune the engine. The USB-FTDI interface is the same one than for Challenger5, Challenger6, Challenger7 and Challenger8 ECUs.

PC-ECU connection wire USB-FTDI




You can download the installation CDROM parts from Skynam website.

Detailed installation instructions
Winjall tuning software with User's Manual
ECU software pack with detailed documentation
Driver software pack with detailed documentation
Injection and ignition base map to start the engine








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