DDi08 (gasoline inductive injectors driver)

DDi08 (gasoline inductive injectors driver)

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The DDi08 driver owns 8 gasoline inductive injectors high tension command channels.

This driver is used in the gazoline direct injection only.

DDi08 is a driver specifically dedicated to the command of gasoline inductive injectors requiring a Peak and Hold command with a high tension and a strong current of Peak, and a regulated current of Hold.
It provides the high tension of the peak thanks to a switching mode power supply located in its housing.

A capacitor of strong capacity being integrated into the switching mode power supply, the high tension can remain much later the complete switch off of the driver:
• It is forbidden to open the housing.
• It is forbidden to manipulate the driver or the connections of its loom within the 3 minutes following its complete switch off.
The strong power delivered in case of extensive use (high engine rpm and important number of injections per engine cycle, high tension of injectors) provokes a strong rise of the internal temperature. The housing of the driver being used to dissipate this temperature, it can reach temperatures higher than 100 °C.

• 8 channels of injectors commands
• Inputs commands by the ground, 1 KOhm pull-up resistor to +12V After Key integrated into the driver.
• Response time: 2 µs
• Injection covering of a channel on the other one (between cylinders) allowed
• Programmable High tension pulse duration from 10 to 500 microseconds
• Programmable High tension level from 20 to 65 Volts
• Programmable Peak duration from 10 to 1000 microseconds
• Programmable Peak current from 0.5 to 8 Amperes
• Programmable Hold current from 0.5 to 8 Amperes

The injectors command is configurable to adapt to the needs of the injectors to drive.
This command is composed of three parts:
High tension pulse: This pulse allows the injectors to be opened very quickly and its duration should not be longer than what is strictly necessary to open them, otherwise the injectors and the driver will can damaged.
Peak part, is the part of strong current needed to reinforce the opening of the injectors after the high voltage pulse.
This part can be removed from the command if it is not desired. In that case the end of the high tension pulse drops directly to the hold part.

Hold part, is the low current part needed to keep the injectors open after the peak. It lasts as long as the injectors must remain open.


Injectors command by inductive driver


















Wiring for 4 injectors control

Injectors command by inductive driver


The connection kit is to be separately purchased.
It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the DDI08 Driver if you desire tunings different from the factory settings.

The USB-FTDI interface is the same one than for Challenger and Meteor ECUs.

PC-ECU connection wire USB-FTDI




You can download the DDI08 tuning software from the Skynam website.

WnjDDI calibration software
User's Manual and detailed installation documentation





Documentation download

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