Pre-amplified thermocouple K

Pre-amplified thermocouple K

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Pre-amplified thermocouple K kit, for 0-1000°C measurement range, adapted for high temperature measurement by the ECUs.

The kit contents
• a un pre-amplifier transforming the thermocouple K temperature measurement to 0-5 volts tension, with remote Thermocouple K female input connector (over 10cm wiring)
• thermocouple K probe with male connector (wire 180cm), with mounting bolt and sealing gland

10-16 volts DC supply
0-5 volts output for engine management ECUs
0-1000°C measurement range
Transformation table temperature / output tension*






Transformation table temperature / output tension
For use with Commander ECUs series, the tension-temperature conversion map is in the sensors conversion maps of the software packs under the name Skynam_Amp130.Thermo_K


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