AIM MXS Strada

AIM MXS Strada

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We have been selecting this dashboard following the same criteria as for our engine management ECUs, in order to offer our customers as many functions as possible for an attractive price and with a maximum ease of use.

It is made up of a 5" back-lighted colour screen and 16 very bright LEDs that you can program separately. 10 of them are meant to light up according to RPM, 6 of them warn about alerts you can select (for example, oil pressure, oil and water temperature, etc.)

Several screens are configurable to visualise the information you are interested in (in rally racing, for example, you may want a separate screen for road driving and another one for special stages).

•ultrafast connection (4 wires only) in multiplexed use (with a Challenger or Commander, or most of the racing ECUs).
•can also work autonomously on a vehicle with carburetors for example.
•System of programmable alerts which allows the pilot to concentrate on the piloting without watching the values.
•several screens completely configurable.

If you are opting for CAN-BUS or RS232 connection with the ECU, you can collect the following data without additional sensors : RPM, air and water temperatures, throttle position, intake pressure, richness, battery tension, current gear position, injection, advance, electric throttle position, turbo solenoid valve position, etc.

It is possible to plug in oil and fuel pressure sensors, a timekeeping contactor (or some infrared terminal on circuit) as well as a wheel sensor for speed and completed distance. You can also plug in and configure any other sensor you wish to use.


Pro loom
Configuration CD-ROM
USB connection to PC wire
Installation documentation
Configuration documentation








6 fully configurable alarm diodes
10 fully configurable shift-lights
8 analog inputs for sensors measurement
1 RPM input
1 speed input
Gear position
CAN-RS232 protocol for ECU interfacing
Connectors : 2 AMP 23 pins + 14 pins











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