Common rail standard diesel injector NEW MAP

Common rail standard diesel injector NEW MAP

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If you have not found in the existing maps the one that matches with your common rail diesel injectors, our Technical Service can create it.

The specific map of your injectors must mandatory be loaded in the ECU to be able to use them, because the diesel common rail technology imposes that the ECUs have a characterization map of injectors perfectly suited to the injectors installed on the engine (see function "Diesel injectors selection" in the "Common rail diesel injection" documentation provided with the diesel ECU software pack).

For Skynam Technical Service can create the map of your injectors, you have to send them to Skynam: for the terms of this service, contact Skynam Technical Support (Contact page).
The map will be returned with your injectors.


The cost of this service is indicated for standard common rail injectors, that is with screw fastener for fuel supply and an external fuel return, and a connector with accessible terminals for the electrical command. Example :


example of standard diesel injectors













For non standard common rail injectors, please contact our technical service.
Example of non standard injector:

example of non-standard diesel injectors












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