Challenger6 self-learning and LSU49-5 kit

Challenger6 self-learning and LSU49-5 kit

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A self-learning function allows the Challenger6 ECU to tune by its own its injection time map.

Skynam provides this feature because the injection time mapping is the more difficult and more long part of an engine tuning, and the new ECUs have the needed calculation power to make it very fast and with a great precision.

The injection time self-learning needs the engine to be equipped with a Lambda sensor. This kit provides together the self-learning option and a LSU49-5 controller with its wide band Lambda sensor.

It is strongly recommanded to use a wide band Lambda sensor with its controller to execute the injection time map self-learning: see the self-learning option description.



• When you purchase the self-learning kit with your ECU, you will find a CD-ROM named 'Self-learning' with your kit, and an installation notice.

• If you purchase this kit separately, our technical support will immediately contact you by email to ask you the serial number of your ECU, this number being on a label at the back of the ECU. This number can also be found by connecting the ECU with Winjall and runing the 'ECU characteristics' function in the machine popup menu.
You will then receive a CD-ROM named 'Self-learning' with your kit, and an installation notice.



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